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One Percent Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

Nicole was the 10th person in her family to hear the words "you have cancer".  After Nicole was diagnosed with an aggressive version of sarcoma cancer and was asked to plan her funeral....

What happens next is a true miracle.  Check out today's episode and see how miracles still do happen....

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Oct 25, 2018

In today's episode Eric Aragon shares how Hodgkin's lymphoma almost derailed his acting career.  Eric goes into details about alternative treatments, fasting and natural medicine.  You'll be inspired by his authentic, honest testimony.  

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Oct 23, 2018

On today's episode Abigail Holt-Jennings shares the amazing story of how God healed her from breast cancer.  As she describes each detail, you will be drawn in by her passion.  

Be sure to check out Abigail's site for links to her story, and her new book The Conversation in Heaven


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Oct 18, 2018

Rachel is a nurse who was diagnosed with stage 2 mammary carcinoma when she was in her mid 30's.   It today's episode Rachel shares that she doesn't want people to look at her for the sickness, but for the goodness.

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Oct 16, 2018

Jessi was diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was 28 years old.  While listening to her journey and recovery, you'll hear her inspiration behind chemo-kits.  

Enjoy today's episode and get 1% better in your journey.