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One Percent Podcast

May 30, 2019

23 year old cancer survivor and host of the Soar Above Cancer Podcast, Gabrielle Fecteau shares how being diagnosed with cancer at 19 inspired her to create a community for young cancer thrivers.  Her podcast educates each listener on topics everyone in the cancer community wants to know about.  Check out her...

May 23, 2019

There are typically 3 moments that change our life. These moments usually involve life, death and relationships.  On today's episode, I get extremely vulnerable about 3 of the most significant moments of my life.  

I'd love to hear your feedback and your 3 moments.  

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May 10, 2019

Vulnerability is power.  On episode 52, Sara Quiriconi and I discuss a full range of topics such as eating disorders, addiction, sexuality, cancer, mental health issues and life after cancer.  I have tons of respect for her gratitude and vulnerability.  


Connect with Sara:

IG/FB/Twitter @livefreewarrior

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